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"...Nothing I've attempted to come up with could accurately express how much gratitude I feel in my heart for all that you've done for me...I feel new, stronger, more resilient...and I owe so much of that to garden, overgrown with weeds and thorns and helped me start over for new things to grow...every session built me up one piece at a time, and I finally feel like myself again...Thank you for loving me with the gifts God gave you, and for helping me plant new flowers in my garden."  

-Trauma Survivor

-Previous client who completed her trauma recovery process

"You don't know what's broken in the box until you open it.  When I was looking for a therapist, I didn't want a trauma therapist, because I didn't think anything was broken in the box.  I thought it was bull**** at first, but then week after week, I began to see what was broken in my box.  Trauma recovery work is like working out, you have to work out those emotional muscles and you have to make lifestyle changes.  While working through my traumas, I found out that all the fear, neglect, loss, and abandonment that I experienced as a kid were seeds that were being planted, and as I got older they were turning into these huge trees, and you look around and they keep growing.  Trauma recovery work cuts them down by guiding you to the issues at the root, and helps you pull the roots out.  Then you can clear out all of the rocks, briar, trash, and turn the land into something useful. " 

-Trauma survivor 

-Current client who has completed his trauma recovery process

"Trauma recovery work allowed me to gain the clarity I was lacking to heal from my childhood trauma.  I did not realize how much I had been impacted by what I had experienced.  Trauma recovery work is like Kintsugi-the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery.  If you want to become whole again, let the light shine through the cracks.  The healing that comes from trauma recovery work is the light shining through the broken places in your life.""

-Trauma Survivor

-Current client who has completed her trauma recovery process

"It took me to go through trauma recovery work with you to heal from my traumas.  You helped me confront the source of my traumas.  Other therapists only dealt with coping skills, and that was not helping.  You (patient) may have coping skills, but if you are not understanding the source, you will never truly get better.  I didn't understand that one issue that I was having was connected to another issue, because it was all interconnected like a knot.  You feel like you are not able to untie the knot, and it gets overwhelming, but by taking it one issue at a time,  you can confront other issues that are connected.  It's also important to understand that you are reliving those past issues in real time.  I confronted these sources, processed it, and I can live with it freely.  I have the tools, now, so I can be at peace.  Trauma therapy literally changed my life.  These terrible, terrible things could have ruined my life, but I have been able to overcome them."  

-Trauma Survivor

-Previous client who has completed her trauma recovery process

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