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Clients develop the ability to self-regulate their central nervous system and learn how to gain control over their heightened physiological states that interfere with their life.


Couples learn how to improve their communication and gain insight into how suppressed childhood issues,  early attachment styles, and possible unresolved collective trauma may be wreaking havoc in their marriage.


Clients explore triggers, learn how thoughts and feelings are connected and result in behavior, learn how to reframe their cognitions, engage in daily self-care activities, and restore hope for their future.


Survivors begin to recover from their traumatic experiences by learning how to detoxify from the impact of trauma and truly heal. 

Traumas include abuse, neglect, sexual assault, domestic violence, family estrangement, extra marital affairs, car accidents, grief and loss, racism/discrimination, sexual harassment,  community violence, and etc.


Clients become empowered in who they identify as,  operate comfortably in their authentic self in all domains, and draw healthy boundaries in their relationships with others.  Hayes Medical Integration is an absolutely affirming space for LGBTQIA individuals and couples.

Perinatal Mental Health

Those who have experienced pregnancy loss or a traumatic birth learn how to stabilize their worries, heal from their grief, and develop hope for the future.  

Mothers master the skills to support healthy cognitive, emotional, and social development in their infants, and also establish work-life balance.


You can live anywhere in the state of Florida and become a client at Hayes Medical Integration

Telehealth services are available through Thera-LINK . This is a HIPAA-compliant live video platform for medical providers to connect with their clients. It is similar to Skype or Facetime, but safer.  You will select a log-in and password to participate.  All your information, including your sessions, are encrypted for your protection.  You also have the ability to schedule or change appointments online.  Furthermore, you can upload and receive documents from me in the secure portal.

You can log-in for a session with your therapist using your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone! Thera-LINK offers a simple and quick way to connect with your therapist. IT IS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE AND YOU WILL LOVE THERA-LINK'S VIRTUAL WAITING ROOMS WITH MUSIC! Many of my clients love the feeling of comfort of being able to meet from their couch, kitchen table, or computer desk.  Adolescents especially love it!  The use of technology is what they engage in the best!



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