Hayes Medical Integration

Treating the Mind-Body Connection Using Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Psychotherapy will be provided to you by a non-judgmental, supportive, and empathic therapist who will create a warm, safe, and confidential environment for exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding your current distress.  The goal is to assist you in tackling your situation, tolerating the emotions that may have been suppressed, and regaining control of your life!

Hayes Medical Integration has a Community Involvement Program in which we accept individuals who do not have medical insurance and cannot afford to self-pay for counseling services. These pro bono services include weekly counseling sessions for three months.  These services are extended to any city in the state of Florida.  We have been led to provide these services several times a year to support our mission and to strengthen our communities. Please see our telehealth services below! Contact us directly to determine when the program will opened during the year! We also post on our Facebook page (HMI-Hayes Medical Integration) when we re-open the program.
Hayes Medical Integration specializes in Trauma Care:

Childhood or Adult Sexual/Physical Assault

Childhood Emotional Neglect in Adults

Marital Infidelity

Domestic Violence

Perinatal Mental Health (Post partum Depression, Anxiety, OCD, psychosis)

Military Combat Trauma

Suicidal Ideation/Attempts

Adolescent Peer Humiliation (Bullying)

We also treat those who may not have a traumatic history, but experience depression, anxiety, difficult marital communication, and LGBTQ issues.

Our approach to therapy entails the need for a on-going commitment to therapy sessions to participate in the discovery, resolution, and maintenance phases of therapy.  If you are looking for therapy in which you can participate periodically, Hayes Medical Integration may not be the right fit for you.  With our specialty, we have seen the best clinical outcomes when patients participate in their sessions regularly and go through the entire process from start to finish.    

Hayes Medical Integration accepts Tricare, TriWest,  Aetna, and E4Health (State Employee Assistance Program) insurances for psychotherapy sessions.  At this time, we also offer a self pay option to meet your psychological needs if you do not have either of the aforementioned health insurances.  

Telehealth services are available through Thera-LINK .  This is a HIPAA-compliant video platform for medical providers to connect with their patients.  This service is a perfect alternative to patients who may be live in cities further away from the office, those that are sick and do not want to leave home or have children that are home sick from school/daycare, or during times of inclement weather.  

You can log-in for a session with your therapist using your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone!  Thera-LINK offers a simple and quick way to connect with your therapist.  IT IS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE AND YOU WILL LOVE THERA-LINK'S VIRTUAL WAITING ROOMS! 

All you need is an electronic device and an email address that we can send your initial invite to become one of our telehealth patients.  Once you accept the invitation, we will schedule your appointment and you will be reminded 24-hours in advance of your appointment.  It's just that easy!